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Year 3 — Plesiosaur and Ichthyosaur

Class teachers

Miss Sophie Peers (Plesiosaur) and Mr. Theo Ward (Ichthyosaur)

Learning Support Assistants and 1:1s

Mrs Di Smith, Mrs Allison Pernwell and Mrs Jo Tolly-Goodger

Phase Leader 

Miss Sophie Peers

Dear Families,

The homework this week for the children in Year 3 is as follows:

Please continue to read with your child daily and ensure it is recorded in their home school diaries. Remember to talk to your child about the books they are reading. Ask them to recount the story so far, predict what might happen next, tell you as much as they can about the main character, describe a scene or setting, tell you how a character is feeling and how they know that, etc.


This week the English homework is on The test is called '(Grammar - Y3 (G)'.



This week continue to encourage your child to play TT Rockstars. Once your child has played ten sessions the programme will analyse their ability and allocate them the correct time table to be working on.


This week the maths homework is on MyMaths. The activity is called 'Telling the Time- to 5 mins'.



The children will now be given access to Spelling Shed. This programme is a fun and interactive way for the children to practise their spellings. Assignments will be set for children to complete as homework. The assignments will include spellings that the children are learning and practising that week. These will be the spellings that the children are tested each week. The username and password can be found in the back of their diaries. Once you have logged in, click assignments or Spelling Shed play. This week it is called 'Challenge Words'.



This video is a 'How To' guide to help you:

Spelling Shed How To Guide



Please let us know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

The Year 3 Team



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