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Year 1

Deanshanger Primary School Year 1 News – Term 1 2019


Dear Parents, Firstly, we would like to say a big welcome to you and your children to Year 1. We hope you’ve all had a fantastic and restful summer and are ready for the exciting new academic year. We are all really looking forward to getting to know you and your children, and working together to allow all children to achieve their best in a fun and engaging way. This year in Year 1 your children will be taught by Miss Brooks and Mrs Neville. They will be supported across the year group by Mrs Kingston.

In addition, Mrs Tapp will be supporting on a 1:1 basis but will still be very much part of the whole team. The side door will open at 8.50am every day. Once we feel the children are settled, we will begin to introduce reading mornings. This is an opportunity for parents to come and enjoy a book with their child a few minutes earlier on a Tuesday morning. We will communicate when we feel ready to do this. We kindly ask that parents do not accompany their children into the cloakroom area in the mornings as this area also becomes very crowded. We would like the children to come into school independently. During the first week back, children will have the opportunity to tell us all about the exciting things that they did during their summer holiday. It would be great if you could talk with them beforehand to remind them about what they have done. Children will also be taking part in a number of exciting activities to help them transition into Year 1.

The first week is also a vital time for teachers to get to know the children, academically and personally. During Term 1, children will be learning through the theme ‘The circus is coming to town’. In Literacy, children will be taught how to write in different forms, such as writing poetry about the circus, diary entries. Instructions, non-chronological reports, labels and lists, As you know, reading is such an important skill for the children to learn - so we would encourage you to try and hear your child read as often as possible at home. Please remember to record this in your child’s reading diary. We will check diaries every Monday and children that have read 5 times during the week will be rewarded with a Dojo point (one of our school reward system). We would also kindly ask for parents not to change the level of books that children are reading as this is the responsibility of the teacher. However, if you feel your child is ready to move on please speak to us and we will assess them as soon as possible. In a change to previous years, we will be trialling a ‘reading day’. This means that your child will be given a day of the week that will be their main reading day, where they will read to the class teacher and be assessed on their level. Please ensure that your child has their reading books and diary in school every day but especially on their allocated reading day. This is to ensure that every child is getting that much needed 1:1 reading time with their class teacher each week. In addition, the children will take part in guided reading in small ability groups to the class teacher and learning support assistant. This happens twice during the week (once to each adult) and they read a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts. However, individual reading with adults takes place when time allows.


Please continue to log on to Reading Eggs for exciting reading challenges! We will also continue to teach phonics using the Read, Write Inc. scheme. This will be taught in small groups for 20 minutes 5 times a week, as well as being integrated within all English lessons. The phonic sounds that children need to know can be found in our reading diaries. Children will also bring home words to learn to read. We will begin to send some words home in a few weeks’ time so more information will follow then. Handwriting is another important area that we will focus on this year. As you may know, we have recently adopted a cursive style throughout the school.

Children will have a weekly handwriting session in school and it would be extremely beneficial for the children to continue practising these skills at home whenever possible. Information on letter formation can be found in the reading diary or at Children will have the opportunity to visit the school library to read books and choose one to bring home. Please ensure that children keep their library books in their book bags so that they can be changed. Library day is on a Wednesday for both classes. On a Tuesday morning you are welcome to read with your child in the classroom from 8.40am to 8.55am. This is an exciting opportunity for you to read with your child. For the first reading morning, please choose a reading book with your child from the colour coded book shelf outside the Year 1 area. Please continue to change your child’s reading book either Tuesday mornings or at the end of any school day, when they finish reading it. Please remember to prompt them and question them on what they have read. We kindly ask that you keep this area tidy. In Numeracy, we will be following the ‘classroom secrets’ scheme of work and children will experience a variety of topics. These include; reading, writing and ordering numbers to 20 and reading number names, counting on and back in 1s to 20 and beyond accurately, counting small amounts of objects accurately, learning number bonds of 5 and 6, doubles to double 5, 1 more and 1 less than a number up to 20, naming and describing 2D shapes, If you would like to help your child with any of these topics and would like more information on how we teach them in school, please don’t hesitate to come and speak to us. The reading diary also provides information about mental maths areas to learn at home. To encourage your child to see maths as a useful tool in everyday life, please use every opportunity to involve your child using money, telling the time, counting, playing board games etc.

This will help your child become more confident with handling numbers. We will have a numeracy lesson five times a week. In Science, the children will be thinking about materials, sorting and classifying as well as investigating suitable materials for different uses. They will also look at forces such as push and pull In ICT, children will follow the purple mash scheme of work, starting with online safety. In Geography, the children will be using small world to replicate a circus setting. We will also be using maps to locate circus animal habitats and hot and cold countries. In Art, we will be studying facial expressions and how clowns use makeup to portray different expression. We will also be using pictures to study circuses from different countries. In PSHE, we follow a scheme called ‘Zippy’s Friends’. Zippy is a stick insect and he helps the children to discuss topics such as feeling, communication, friendships, bullying and coping with loss. We will begin with the topic ‘Feelings’. PE this term will be games. Due to our ever changing weather, all children will need to have a tracksuit in their PE bags as well as their normal PE kit (plain red/white t-shirt and black shorts) and plimsolls. Please ensure that all items are clearly named in a permanent medium.

Please also remember that, for safety reasons, we would prefer that earrings were not worn during P.E. and Games lessons. If you child cannot remove their earrings, you should provide plasters or ‘micropore’ tape with which to cover them. Please practise with your child at home as they need to be able to put on the plasters themselves. If you have any questions about any of these matters, please ask. PE days for both classes are on Thursday and Friday. Homework As well as regular reading and learning to read word sheets, other homework tasks may be set during the week. Homework will be found in the new reading diaries on the appropriate week. Please check these books regularly to find out when a task has been set. We will start introducing purple mash homework. These are fun games that children play on the computer and internet access is required. If you don’t have access, please speak to us and we can try to make alternative arrangements for your child to complete the tasks. Children will be given a login to access these games. Snacks Free fruit will continue to be provided for all Key Stage 1 children at morning playtime. Please encourage your child to eat healthily by having a piece of fruit, or by bringing a healthy alternative from home. Please avoid salty or sugary snacks e.g. crisps or biscuits.

Children in Key Stage 1 are not provided with free milk, but if you would like your child to have milk please order it through the office. We also encourage children to drink plenty of water and they will continue to have their school water bottle in the classroom that must be kept in school. Food allergies and village visits A form will be sent home shortly advising us on any food allergies that your child may have and also to give permission to leave the school grounds to complete activities around the village. Please complete this form and return to your child’s class teacher. If you have any matters that need dealing with or that are worrying your child, please come and speak to us. If it is likely to take more than just a minute, after school would be preferable as we have more time then. We look forward to a fantastic academic year. Thank you in advance for your help and support. Yours sincerely, The Year 1 Team Miss Brooks Mrs Neville