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Supporting Learning

Everything that we do and plan for the children is with learning outcomes in mind, both academically and very importantly, socially and emotionally. We are committed to ensuring that the knowledge shared is relevant and appropriate, provides stretch, meets individual needs and is regularly reviewed to ensure that it is 'sticky knowledge' in the pupils long term memory. 

We recognise that children, like adults, learn best when they feel happy, safe and supported and as a result, we need to consider this when we plan all activities.  We want every child to make strong progress from their different starting points and collectively, meet and exceed local and national expectations. Every child is unique and their journey in school, will, therefore, be bespoke, offering support and challenges on a daily basis that match needs. 

A 'can do' growth mindset attitude, is extremely important to learning. We want our children to continually push themselves and have the necessary strategies to know that every mistake that they make ultimately leads to progress.