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School Uniform

School Dress Code 

We expect our students to wear their uniform with pride and look smart at all times. Please ensure that it is fully labelled as soon as you buy it – we end up with a lot of lost property and would love to be able to return it. 

Items marked * are available embroidered with the school logo and may be ordered from School Trends, Maisies or Tesco. Once you get on to their website, type in our school to start the ordering process. Alternatively, you can buy unbranded items from any supermarket with a school section or an alternative supplier. Also, keep in mind that we have a huge amount of pre-loved uniforms in our Admin area - you are warmly encouraged to help yourself to this at any time free of charge. 

Modifications to the school uniform are always considered for various reasons - these might include black jogging bottoms, tops of differing materials and braces with trousers or skirts.  Religious and cultural items of clothing or jewellery are welcomed. 

Autumn / Winter 

  • White polo shirt*, or other plain white blouse or shirt (not t-shirts) 
  • Black ‘formal’ trousers (not skinny jeans or leggings), skirt, gym-slip knee-length culottes or ‘skorts’. 
  • Red sweatshirt* or sweatshirt-cardigan* embroidered with the school logo (optional)
  • Black, low-heeled shoes or boots  
  • Grey, white or black socks or grey/black/red tights 
  • School tie for Year 6 only - to be worn with a white shirt or blouse (these are available from the school office)

Any colour and style school coat  

Spring / Summer 

As above, and also:

  • Black ‘formal’ shorts 
  • Low-heeled black or white sandals 
  • Summer red and white dresses - striped or gingham

P. E (Not needed for Reception aged children)

  • White or red T-shirt* 
  • Black shorts - not mini cycling shorts (they should be at least halfway to the knees)
  • Black or white plimsolls for indoor games
  • Tracksuit and trainers for outdoor use in cold weather 

Year 1 and 2 come to school in their PE uniform on PE days. Years 3,4,5 and 6, keep their uniform to school in a bag and change into it (and out of it) for PE sessions only. 


  • plain black trainers with black laces and no coloured designer labels or,

  • plain black school shoes 

  • black winter boots can be worn on a daily basis

  • Wellies may be worn to and from school and in the playground but not inside the building

  • slippers or inside shoes can be worn on a daily basis in the classroom. In muddy weather, we ask the children to remove their shoes and/or wear slippers, but this is optional in non-muddy times. 

The reasons for allowing black trainers and shoes are as follows -

  • We want the children to be active at break and lunch times and this type of footwear is better suited to active play.  We recognise that you spend a lot of money on school shoes and understandably don't appreciate it when they get scuffed in play.
  • Wherever possible, we want our children to use the school field for play, and again trainers are better suited.
  • The government's agenda is all about tackling obesity and access to physical activity. We are currently focusing on the structure of our play and lunch times and have other plans afoot to enrich the types of play available. 
  • Many children and families like the formality of black school shoes and can continue wearing them.
  • We are also keen to ensure that our uniform list/policy makes it clear that reasonable adjustments are always considered in all areas of the school uniform and this includes wearing black joggy bottoms for some children.


Only small stud earrings should be worn - not hoops. 

Children with pierced ears should tape these for PE if they are yet unable to remove the earrings. If the period of not removing earrings has passed (ie, 3 months max), then these should be taken out at home for PE days. We would prefer that children do not take them out at school simply because we worry about them being dropped or lost, but we will request this if needed. Tape should be provided from home please as some tapes may cause an allergic reaction.

*(Slogans, football club affiliations or ‘designer labels’ are not permitted)

Forest School

  • Wellies or sturdy boots
  • Waterproof jacket and trousers

We are always happy to recycle all unclaimed and unlabelled uniform items.

Families that receive Pupil Premium funding can use their annual school voucher to purchase school uniforms but given the huge stock of pre-loved uniforms held on the school site, the voucher can be used for enrichment activities. 


Useful links for uniform below:


Whilst we enjoy seeing the children looking smart in their school uniforms, we do not have any restrictions on hairstyles. It is good to see the children express their personalities in their own unique way, this includes top knots, braids, short hair, long, hair and short mohicans. We do, however, ask our families to reserve hair colours for the holidays.  

In order for the children to see their work easily, it is best to have long hair tied back and this is a requirement for PE simply for health and safety reasons. Tied back hair also avoids head lice spreading!