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Reception — T-Rex and Triceratop

Class teachers

Mrs. Kelly Jacobs (T-Rex) and Mrs. Zoe Watson (Triceratops)


Learning Support Assistants and 1:1s

Miss Stephanie Mazey and Mrs Taylor 1:1


Phase Leader 

Miss. Steph Forward

Dear Reception Parents,

Welcome to the Summer term! ☀️ Although it doesn’t feel like summer yet, we’re ready to embark on our summer learning journey with you all. This term promises to be filled with exciting and educational experiences for all the children.

In phonics, we’ll be consolidating our learning and moving into Phase 4 (Little Wandle), focusing on longer words and enhancing reading fluency. Please continue to access Reading Eggs as each week certificates are given out to the children who have made the most progress!

In our literacy focus we’ll be sharing some wonderful stories including “There’s an 🦧 Rang Tan in My Bedroom,” “Jack and the Beanstalk,” “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” “Bee and Me,” and “Think Big.” Through these stories, we’ll be exploring the art of storytelling and understanding story sequences.

For Maths, we’ll delve into the world of 3D shapes and expand our understanding of numbers up to 20.

We’re eagerly anticipating the opportunity to teach life cycles this term, and we’re hopeful that some of our chick 🐣 and duck 🦆 eggs will begin to hatch soon. Keep an eye on our progress—exciting things are happening! Following that, we’ll delve into plant 🌱 life cycles and explore even more fascinating facts about plants and flowers. In our first week back well also have a chance to meet some new baby lambs 🐑(and possibly a horse) thanks to Mr and Mrs Temple 👋

We’re excited to celebrate St. George’s Day and explore the rich cultural heritage it represents. As part of our learning, we’ll have the opportunity to learn the art of Morris Dancing with the Rapskallian Morris Dance group. It’s sure to be a memorable and enjoyable celebration for all!

Our cooking opportunities will continue to evolve this term as we explore how to grow food, prepare it for cooking, and enjoy the process of eating together. From planting seeds to harvesting fresh produce, we’ll delve into the journey of food from garden to plate. Get ready for some delicious and nutritious culinary adventures ahead! We still collecting contributions for our cooking this summer term, please hand to your class teacher - thanks in advance.

This term, we’re introducing “Skip to be Fit” for all children. This fun and engaging activity will promote physical fitness and coordination while encouraging a love for movement. Get ready to jump, skip, and stay active!

We look forward to welcoming all the children back to school. As always, if you have any questions about your child’s learning please reach out to your class teacher.