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Pupils as Leaders

We are keen to ensure that the pupil's voice in all aspects of school life, is high.  We have various groups that run on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to ensure that school life and improvement is based on shared visions. Read our School Charter below, to get a feel for our school.

Deanshanger Charter

You are entering a magical school, one that will give you goosebumps as you experience it.

We believe that you can fulfill your dreams and destinies if you put your mind to it - you can achieve greatness.

Leave all your worries behind you and remember that we learn from our mistakes.

We have a positive ‘Yes, I can’ attitude – it makes all the difference! We love to celebrate the achievement with the sparkly book, Mrs. Rice’s basket, and our unique video diary den.

Our school council helps our school out and listens to our thoughts and ideas.

We want you to taste the amazing food from Fresh Start; it will give you a healthy heart.

Join us for a morning ‘run a mile’ or a skip2Bfit session at 8.30am to get your body and mind ready for the day ahead and boost your physical fitness.

Our uniform also makes us feel special – red for a caring heart.

We skip around forest school making memories, have lots of extra clubs to choose from and sing with pride and gusto - it will give you the shivers.

Our BNTO (Be Nice to Others) commitment means that you will see kindness, caring and happy students (and staff). This is in the classroom and at break times.

Our Eco team make sure our school is leading the way in terms of being eco-friendly so save the turtles! J

Don’t get us started on all the playground equipment and special resources that we have as a result of school and PTA fundraising!

Our library is inspiring and stockpiled with books for all ages and interests. Accelerated Reading will motivate you to read more and to try new types of books.

Digital leaders will decode your life.

Our special school song written alongside Al Start will turn your life around and our prefects make sure that we are all being positive.

We, at DPS, believe that a smile is contagious so leave any frowns at the door and be ready to turn them upside down, as we have six and a half hours of joy! Is it magical as we said? YES IT IS!


Prefects and Leaders

In pre-covid times we always had school prefects, largely made up of Y6 students; they were selected to support the smooth running of various aspects of school life. Their maturity and modelling of school values made them the perfect role models for all other children in the school. Since covid times, this has evolved and instead of having just a few Y6 students being prefects, all Y6 students are selected for various leadership-type roles in the school that suit their skills and intersts eg, librarians, play leaders, gardening gang for school plants, lunchtime crew for kitchen support, leading play with the younger children, digital leaders ... Their role in the school is significant. 


Be Nice to Others (BNTO), formerly known as Anti-Bullying Committee

This committee meets regularly at lunchtime and is made up of children, parents, staff and governor input ( where possible).  Pupils are not elected for this committee, they come forward if they are keen to share their views and opinions and commit their time. Our aim is to ensure that Deanshanger Primary School is a happy and safe learning environment.  The pupil leaders of BNTO regularly lead assemblies, support outside play and plan campaigns to increase awareness of our school values and being kind. 


School Council

Each class elects one pupil to join the school council. Their lunchtime meetings cover a diverse range of topics - all proposed by the children. School Council members report back to their classes about the information discussed and gauge opinions on new plans. They support various aspects of school life including being role models in assembly.  School council meetings are openly shared on the noticeboard by the library. 


School Nutrition Action Group (SNAG)

The lunchtime meetings are based on sharing ideas to improve our understanding of healthy lifestyles inside and outside of school. The SNAG committee also runs the SNAG Hut at break times each week and distributes healthy snacks to all pupils in KS2.