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We understand that starting school can be as daunting for the parents as it may be for their children! We aim to be as helpful and informative as possible, but we do appreciate that parents may have additional questions that they wish to ask when they experience school life from the ‘other side’, perhaps for the first time. Please do not hesitate to approach any member of staff with any queries you have however small they may seem, or perhaps the parent of another pupil may easily be able to answer any concern that you may have.

At the moment we are restricting visits to the school in person and utilising other virtual ways of keeping in close contact with you. The current pandemic is changing the way we communicate with you but we certainly don't want this to be a barrier to building strong and open communication channels with you. 

In order for your child to make the very best progress at Deanshanger Primary School, we will be working closely with you and also asking lots of you! Please hear your child read every day and record this in their reading diary. Please also join us for reading mornings, special events, assemblies...whenever we are able to restart these and when you can. We do understand that you have to work and try wherever we can, to give maximum notice time and plan some meetings and events in the evening. 

Your child's safety, happiness, and learning is extremely important to us and we often rely upon you to help us with this. Please try to share any information that you think might impact on your child so that we can support them accordingly. 

PAG - Parent Action Group 

Since November 2016, we have held regular PAG meetings. The purpose of these is to share parent/carer thoughts and ideas on a wide range of topics from those chosen by ourselves within school and areas that are important to you.  Our PAG meetings are always scheduled twice within the school day to help make them as accessible as possible ie, 2.30pm and repeated at 6.00pm.  Please join us wherever possible as your comments really matter to us and help with our ongoing school improvement.  The dates for our PAG meetings are in the school calendar and we always signpost them in school newsletters. 

If you are unable to join a PAG meeting, please don't let this stop your sharing your thoughts with us via an in person meeting, an email, message to the school office or a letter.  Open communication is absolutely vital for a successful working relationship and school improvement. 

Notes from PAG meeting on 17th November 2019:

  • Parents felt that children are aware of groupings for Maths and English and this can have an impact on self-esteem and growth mindset - giving up, too hard etc. We talked about the new ‘Classroom Secrets’ maths planning and why we have changed. Parents acknowledged that this is a school priority. The perception from one parent was that this had made Maths "harder".
  • Parents felt that the pitch of homework was not always appropriate or challenging – too easy and lacking challenge (one parent’s view), sometimes not easy to support (another parent’s view) – a suggestion was made that we could share the context of the task as a note for parents – example of ‘Timeline’ homework – how far back should you go? What would the timeline be used for in school? etc.
  • Lunchtime behaviour was also discussed – one parent felt that incidents weren’t always reported back to teachers. It was agreed and acknowledged that this can be very disruptive to the afternoon learning, sets a negative tone to the start of the afternoon and impacts on the ‘Mindfulness/relaxation’ time at the start of the afternoon.

Agreed Actions

  1. Calculation Policy to be shared with PAG parents for feedback before sharing with all parents to support understanding of Maths concepts - ZW
  2. Pitch of homework needs to be considered - SLT
  3. Consider adding 'Parents notes' / context when issuing homework - SLT
  4. Lunchtime procedures need to be reviewed for reporting incidents - SLT and MMS Team.

Notes from meetings on Wednesday 29th January 2020:

  • Communication was discussed in all forms - the new style newsletter was shared and opinions sought. The PAG group received the newsletter 2 days before the rest of the parents/carers to rectify any issues found. It was requested that 'welcome back' letters are sent at the end of a term rather than at the beginning of the new unit so that support, resources etc can be explored at home. The parents would like more information about how we use dojo points. Year group blogs were also considered and the use of the Home/School diary. 
  • Behaviour - Parents would like to know more about the role of the BNTO. Could they be more visible? Armbands? Trained to offer first teir support? to children?
  • Homework - Parents still need more support to support home learning. Consider year group workshops. 

Agreed Actions

  1. Staff discussion regarding use of Home/School diaries, welcome back letters and considering a blog format ( for future use).
  2. Work with the BNTO committee to ensure that their prominence grows
  3. The sharing of dojo points with parents/carers is considered. 

Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA)

During this academic year, 2018-19 Deanshanger Primary School will be working towards achieving the Leading Parent Partnership Award.

We are using the LPPA to help strengthen our school’s partnership with parents. LPPA is a national award that will provide us with a valuable school improvement tool and also give us the recognition of our commitment to working with parents.

The LPPA will help us with these long-term benefits:

  • contribute to improved pupil attendance, punctuality, behaviour and progress;
  • increase parent participation and involvement;
  • enhance parents' support in their children’s learning;
  • improve communication between home and school.

Research has identified that increased parental involvement in a child’s education can raise achievement by 18%.

We are currently part way through our LPPA journey at DPS. If you would like to become involved or would like more information, please contact the school office or send an email. Coming along to our Parent Action Group (PAG) meetings will be a great way of getting involved too. 

Progress so far

We had our initial visit from the school’s LPPA Adviser back in October  2018 and, from this, we agreed on a plan for achieving the Leading Parent Partnership Award within 12 months. As part of our work towards achieving the award, we will be working closely with parents to forge even stronger home-school links.

The new Parent Partnership Policy is attached below and is also on our policy page.

Our successes involving parents this year have been:

  • An active PAG - Parent Action Group;
  • Review of Calculation Policy to ensure it is parent-friendly; 
  • Very strong support of Tapestry (online learning journal) in Fs and Y1;
  • Regular attendance for reading mornings;
  • Improvements in the admin area of the school ;
  • Strong use of home/school diaries to communicate home learning and other information;
  • Great support for PTA and school events - 'This is Me' attendance was brilliant;
  • Well attended class assemblies and special school events such as sport's days, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day;
  • High attendance at parent / teacher meetings;
  • Much appreciated support for our kitchen fundraising project and lots of other charity days;
  • A growing sign up to follow us on twitter -  @DeanshangerS;
  • High return on our annual parent survey;
  • A new-look newsletter (based on parent/carer feedback);
  • A communication screen in the front office sharing special events;

We look forward to building upon these and ‘other’ areas further in the year ahead and as always, encourage you to openly communicate your comments, concerns and ideas.

If you can't find the information that you need on this website, please let us know.

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