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Our School Values and Ethos

We want every child to be happy and successful and be well supported from the very first day they join us and throughout their school lives.

Everything that we do at Deanshanger Primary School comes from this ethos and is embodied within these straightforward aims for every child.

To develop into a confident and caring individual, equipped with the skills and personal qualities needed for a happy and successful life

To develop into a successful learner, developing the full range of his or her talents and paving the way for future achievements

Each member of our school community will be respected and treated fairly. In order to achieve our aims, we will

  • Develop a happy, caring and welcoming atmosphere in school in which everyone is respected and valued equally
  • Provide a full and rich breadth of learning experiences, differentiated to meet the needs of all pupils
  • Promote children's aspirations, self-esteem, self-discipline, sense of responsibility and their respect for others and the environment
  • Promote high standards of achievement and behaviour by giving our pupils support, guidance and encouragement as appropriate, and by providing positive role models
  • Provide a safe, creative, stimulating, celebratory and well-resourced learning environment. Maintain a strong home-school partnership, and sustain links with other local schools and the wider community
  • Provide continuous professional development and support for all

These aims are supported by school-wide values that are evident in every classroom and around the school. They are the focus of assemblies and PSHCE sessions. Our school values tie in with our chosen curriculum (International Primary Curriculum) and have been further developed by students, learning support assistants (LSAs), teachers and midday supervisors. Following values-based education training, we have fully embedded our values even further into school life. Each month we focus on a different value although all values are recognised on a daily basis. 

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School Values


Plan, collect and ask searching questions.

Carry out investigations.

Use conclusions to improve knowledge.


Consider and respect the views, cultures and traditions of other people.

Cope and be at ease in unfamiliar situations.



Stick at a task until it is finished.

Cope with disappointment and try again to do better.


Know about and respect opinions of others.

Develop own opinions and be able to explain them.



Communicate in a range of different situations.

Communicate to a range of different audiences.



Use a range of thinking skills to solve problems.

Identify own strengths and weaknesses.

Work to develop strengths and overcome those weaknesses.



Understand and respect the needs of others.

Understand that different people have different roles to play in groups.

Take on different roles depending on the activity.


Know about the varying needs of other people, other living things and the environment.

Show respect for the needs of other people, other living things and the environment.