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The school's 'Champion' for music is Mr Luke Webb

Frequency of sessions: This may change depending on the topic and time of year, but will largely average out as one session a fortnight with additional music opportunities in school assemblies and special events.  

At Deanshanger Primary School, our aim is to deliver a high-quality musical education.  We believe that music enables children to better understand the world as music reflects the culture and society we live in.  Music provides the children with a unique method of communicating their ideas and understanding; it also provides a strong outlet for emotions and building a sense of community.

The school is well-equipped with a wide selection of percussion instruments, key boards, drum kits and a piano.

Where opportunities become available, the school actively engages in cluster music events, workshops in neighbouring schools and sets up choirs for school and community events. 

Music teaching comes in many forms –

  • Class music sessions largely using the Charanga music scheme - A complete scheme to teach the national curriculum for music.  Class sessions start in foundation stage and gradually build upon the skills and knowledge. 
  • School assemblies – music plays a very prominent role through learning and performing traditional school songs and modern ones and listening/reviewing to different styles of music. We are very proud of the repertoire of songs that we know and the gusto in which we perform! In addition, children are warmly invited to showcase their musical talents in assemblies.
  • Children are able to sign up for one to one or small group instrument lessons from peripatetic specialists in the county. We currently offer lessons in drums, guitar, flute and the clarinet.
  • Children across the school are also able to sign up for weekly Rocksteady sessions – these have grown enormously over the last two years. We all look forward to the termly Rocksteady concerts where parents/carers are invited into to join in the children’s growing musical talents and confidence.