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Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA)

During the academic years 2018-2020 Deanshanger Primary School achieved the Leading Parent Partnership Award. LPPA was awarded on 8th July 2020.  Whilst this award is now out of date, the good practices that we put in place for the award, continued to be prioritised in the school and form part of our every day expected standards for effective communication. 


Verifier Recommendation - Deanshanger Primary School are awarded the LPPA for a period of three years.

We used LPPA to help strengthen our school’s partnership with parents. LPPA is a national award that will provide us with a valuable school improvement tool and also give us the recognition of our commitment to working with parents.

The LPPA will help us with these long-term benefits:

contribute to improved pupil attendance, punctuality, behaviour and progress;

increase parent participation and involvement;

enhance parents' support in their children’s learning;

improve communication between home and school.

Research has identified that increased parental involvement in a child’s education can raise achievement by 18%.

Even though we have archived this award we really value the input form parents/carers as we move forward. The quest to involve our parents/carers is never over. Coming along to our Parent Action Group (PAG) meetings will be a great way of getting involved too. 


Recognised Achievements — Key Findings. 

We had our final visit from the school’s LPPA Adviser in July 2020 and, from this we were presented with a verification report that demonstrates the vast areas covered to achieve this fantastic award. 

Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA) Verification Report

Strengths of School highlighted from Report

  • The head teacher has a clear vision to develop effective partnerships between home and school in support of her plan for improved attainment and achievement. There has been a strategic approach with parental involvement being included in the School Improvement Plan (SIP) and being a standing agenda item in governor meetings. School has been very open, through having their SIP and LPPA Action Plan on the website

  • The coordinator is committed to his role in developing parental involvement through having a rounded view through his experience in the classroom, school office and as a parent in the school. LPPA has been valued as a reflective framework to provide a vehicle for change.

  • Communications with parents have been thoughtfully developed and increased. These include written and electronic means including a new system of Arbor which includes attendance information, an enhanced website, new Twitter account, Tapestry, new electronic newsletter and emails directly to teachers. Face to face daily communication is facilitated through staff being outside before and after school and through daily opportunities for parent/child activities of Run a Mile and Skip to be Fit. The Learning Mentor and SENCo provide additional support for individual children and their parents.

  • Deanshanger has very much adapted and developed current systems and approaches to meet the needs of pupils and their families during the Covid-19 pandemic. The school has been adaptable and proactive in helping children and families with support and learning activities. These included on-line and printed learning packs, practical activities and Zoom lessons. There was a VE celebration and a Home-School Tour. Parents commented,’ During Covid the school has been fantastic in keeping me up to date and I think it’s great that each morning we get a message from Mrs Rice’ and ‘We are being supported with learning packs for home schooling, online learning sessions via Zoom and regular informative and motivational messages from Mrs Rice’.

  • The Parent Groups are a useful vehicle for consultation with parents. Groups consist of parents, staff and governors and a wide range of school practice has been discussed with follow-up actions taken. Each meeting has an agenda, but this can be opened further so parents’ interests can be discussed. Examples include home learning and the Calculations Policy.

  • Deanshanger has thoughtfully developed ways to help parents feel welcome in the school. Thoughtful consideration has been given to the development of the foyer to ensure a warm welcome. There are now opportunities for staff and parents to meet each day and events are planned with a welcome in mind, including events organised by the active PTA.

  • Comments from parents include, ‘It is nice that the teachers are at the gates to welcome children each morning and always willing to talk about any concerns’ and ‘We are always made to feel welcome. The office staff are very friendly and meet you with a smile. Staff know who all the parents are and greet you by name’.

  • Children are aware of how their parents know about their learning and different ways their parents could be involved in the school. They identified valued many activities that their parents have been to, ‘They both came to the science event – I was very proud’.

We look forward to building upon these and ‘other’ areas further in the years ahead and as always, encourage you to openly communicate your comments, concerns and ideas.