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Home/School Agreement

Children's progress in all areas is positively impacted by strong relationships between home and school. Our Home/School Agreement sets out some of the core areas in which we can work together.  Underpinning most of these items is open and honest communication. 

Parents / Carers Home School Agreement

As a parent/carer, I will:

  • Make sure that my child arrives at school by 8.45 am (and earlier if they have a support session or club) and collect promptly at 3.25pm or later as required.
  • Make sure that my child is wearing labelled school uniform daily and that their PE kit and boots/jacket for Forest School are in school.
  • Endeavour to provide a safe, secure, and happy environment at home for my child so that they are well-prepared for school life with ample sleep and breakfast to set them up for the day ahead.
  • · Let the school know of any concerns or worries directly and immediately so that they can then be discussed, resolved, and/or understood quickly. I will make an appointment where the discussion is non-urgent.
  • Attend meetings with my child’s teacher and other staff, including parents’ evenings,  so that we can work together to move learning forward.
  • Support and work with the school to ensure that all school policies including the behaviour management policies of the school are maintained—this includes zero tolerance to bullying, aggression, and retribution.
  • Read information sent home by Arbor or as a hard copy as this gives me important   details of relevant policies, meetings, workshops and special events (as required).
  • Provide only healthy snacks for my child in line with the school’s Food Policy.
  • Ensure I drive carefully in the vicinity of the school, respect neighbours’ property, turn off my engine when stationary and leaving the disabled parking bays for those that need them.
  • Support my child’s learning journey by making sure that homework tasks are monitored or supported (age-related), completed and returned on time. Recognising that follow-up will happen in school where homework is not complete.
  • Use social media in line with the School’s Social Media Policy
  • Ensure that I hear my child read regularly and preferably daily, and record this in the home/school diary.
  • Notify the school on the first day of absence and confirm reasons in writing.
  • Inform the school immediately of any changes in personal contact details for the records.
  • Ensure that my child understands that there are no ceilings on success — they are unique and the sky is the limit.
  • Support my child to develop a positive attitude towards one another, regardless of gender, race,  culture, belief, values, age, and needs in line with our British Values and the Prevent Duty.

As a pupil of Deanshanger Primary School, I will:

  • Follow and support school values
  • Try to read on a daily basis and record this in my home/school diary
  • Attempt all homework set, but not panic if I have tried my best and need to ask for further guidance at school
  • Always tell a member of staff if I am worried or unhappy, even if it seems a very small worry.  A problem shared is a problem halved.
  • Be a role model for other children in the school.
  • Be honoured and proud to be a representative of Deanshanger Primary School on a  daily basis and in the community.
  • Recognise that I am very special and unique and can achieve greatness.