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Communication including Arbor

Deanshanger Primary School  achieved the Leading Parent Partnership Award in 2020. We used the LPPA to help strengthen our school’s partnership with parents. LPPA is a national award that will provide us with a valuable school improvement tool and also give us recognition of our commitment to working with parents.

Open and honest communication is very important to us and vital to ensure that we understand the varied needs of every child and family, and improve as a school. Parents and carers are encouraged to respectfully share all and any concerns or questions with the school, however big or small they may seem, directly rather than via social media sites. A phone call to the school office, an open exchange on the school gate or an email should provide the information that you require if indeed the information is not on this website.  There is a 'post box' just outside the school office for other comments; these can be left anonymous if you prefer. 

Don't forget to join us for our Parent Action Meetings too  - PAG. These are held at regular intervals throughout the year (see the school calendar and newsletters) and allow us to gather your thoughts on a wide range of topics. 

Parents and carers receive newsletters every two weeks via Arbor; these are also posted on the website.  Additionally, we send regular messages and updates via Arbor.  Our admin team supports the setting up of this information system with new families - just ask if you need help.  Families can request hard copies of any information.

The Home/School diary is another useful tool to support communication. Just as teachers and LSAs might send a note home in it, parents/carers are encouraged to do the same.  A full list of staff emails is in the diary so that you can directly contact us in this manner if you would like. 

The start of the school day can be pretty busy, so where possible, communication in person is preferable at the end of the school day rather than the beginning. 

Our staff are committed to ensuring that every child is happy and making good progress. They will communicate with parents/carers freely if they have any concerns or comments and also ensure that the school reports provide accurate and useful information.

Although very unlikely, no member of staff should be required to deal with a parent/carer or visitor either face to face, over the phone or in correspondence, who is exhibiting threatening, abusive or violent behaviour. In these instances, we reserve the right to politely close the conversation and reschedule the meeting at a later time in a calm and respectful atmosphere. Please remember that we all want the same for the children - ie, nothing but the very best.  Please see supporting guidance help



Deanshanger Primary School subscribes to Arbor. Registration is free and all parents are encouraged to sign up to receive emails messages from the school concerning their child including important information, school events, trips, parents evenings and more. Newsletters are also sent home via Arbor.

School uniform can also be purchased and iPhone and Android apps are available for parents on the go. If you have not yet signed up to Arbor and would like to receive a registration link, please contact Mrs Naomi Godwin (Business Manager) at



Deanshanger Primary School uses Tapestry Online Learning Journals to provide two-way communication between home and school in the Reception classes and Year 1. All children have their own secure online Learning journals which can be accessed, and uploaded to, by staff and parents.  See the Tapestry Policy for details.