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Class Information

Dear Parents / Carers,

Over the next 3 weeks the children in year 2 will be following a unit of work on a theme that focuses on ‘Plants’.



During this unit we will be focusing on Science.


In Science, we’ll be finding out:


• About plants that grow in our local area


• About the different parts of a plant


• What plants need in order to grow


• How to care for a plant




All of the work we are going to do has been specially written to help your child reach the learning goals. Children will be reading, researching, writing, illustrating, working on their own and working in groups. We will be checking to see how well your child has learned through particular activities and asking children to explain their work, perhaps to you.


We already know the interest you take in your child’s work. If you can, please discuss with your child the work they have done as the term progresses and let them teach you.


Talk with your child about any plants you have at home and in your local parks and gardens. Point out the huge variety and beauty of the plants around you. Discuss how plants can grow from tiny seeds into huge trees.


Please could you work with your child to find out about a plant that grows in a different country and how that plant is used by people. Your child could present this on paper or on PowerPoint. Then work with your child to design/invent a watering device for the people in that country to use. We will have a plant homework show and tell on Friday 19th July . Please could the children bring their plant homework in on that day?

Maths and spelling homework will continue to be set weekly as normal. Please continue to read daily with your child and fill in the reading diary as before.


By the end of the unit, we hope your child has achieved all of the learning targets. We hope they have had an enjoyable time in the classroom. And we hope you have enjoyed seeing your child work with enthusiasm. If you have any comments or questions about your child's learning, please get in touch.


If you have any comments or questions about your child's learning, please get in touch.


Kind regards,

Year 2 team.