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School Attendance - 05-05-22

School attendance has improved incredibly over the past few months - we are grateful for all your efforts to support this. You may have noticed that Mrs. Hodge is now looking after attendance alongside Mr. Peel in the school office. As you can imagine, this job has been more difficult through the pandemic with higher absences than in previous years, but we are now getting back to 'normal'.

Reporting Absences 

There are a few ways you can report a child absence. You can phone and speak to the school office from 7:30am or leave message on 01908 268920. You can email to We understand it's a busy time at home when a child is poorly, and we want to support you as much as possible. We do need to know when your child is unable to attend school as we have to update the registers with a reason for absence. 

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We thank you for your continued support and hope children can aim for high attendance throughout the school year as it does make a huge difference to their education.