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Sunflowers on World Poetry Day

Poetry by Georgia in Y1


The Parish Council have very kindly donated 400 sunflower seeds to our school and Ollie Southgate (Y1) has kindly donated hundreds too! We will be sharing these with the children and very much hope you will encourage your child/ren to grow these! This is to inspire us to participate in a community event as a reminder of the people of Ukraine. The sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine, and has become a symbol of resistance and hope! Help us to create a village display of sunflowers this summer. We are very much looking forward to receiving updates! 

As you all know, sunflowers are extremely important to us as they remind us of our dearly loved and cherished Mrs Annette Robson. It will be lovely to see Deanshanger awash with sunflowers in the months to come. 

As part of ‘World Poetry Day’ we all wrote poems about sunflowers. We hope you enjoy some of our poetry.



Oh Sunflower by Y3 Kingfishers

Oh beautiful sunflower, 

You are bright and yellow like the sun, 

Your long, pointed petals reach out like fingers, 

And small, brown seeds fill your gigantic, circular centre, 

You stand proud in the fields on your green, fuzzy stalk, 

Which is long and slender like the neck of a giraffe. 


Oh wonderful sunflower, 

Buzzy bees adore you, 

Your delicious, sweet nectar is so tempting and tasty, 

Beautiful birds flock to you, 

Your life-giving, zebra-striped seeds are cherished and beloved, 

Your scrumptious seeds add texture to salads and meals. 


Oh perfect sunflower, 

Your delightful, brightness makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, 

You erase my sadness with your sunny glow, 

And replace it with a heart full of joy, 

Walking through a field of sunflowers reminds me, 

That I’m never alone and that I’m loved by my family, 


Dear sunflower, 

As you follow the sun through the day, 

Continue to spread your love, 

You are the national flower of Ukraine, 

And soon all the fields there will be yellow and gold, 

Bringing hope, love and strength to all. 


Sunflowers by Year 3 Robin class

Sunflowers, sunflowers are bright and yellow like the sun,

Under the cold, damp soil sunflower seeds are waiting silently to sprout,

New sunflowers are blooming under the beautiful, blue sky,

Fields of sunflowers like a sea of yellow that never loses its glow,

Lasting memories of sunflowers swaying in the cool, summer breeze,

Outstanding nature outside your window for all to see,

What a wonderful flower you are!

Everyone should aspire to have and show the qualities of a sunflower,

Robin class love sunflowers, so sweet, so golden, so warm,

Sunflowers, sunflowers will come and go but will always be in your heart.


An extended Haiku from Y5 Rockhopper Penguins

Standing on its stem

In the graceful summer’s day

Shining in the sky


Looking at the sun

Guarantee to bloom brightly

Standing strong and proud


Sunflowers blooming

With vibrant yellow petals

Gleaming like the sun


Lovely sunflowers

Always shining very bright

Smiling at the sky