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Students Unite for 999 Heroes

On Friday 3rd December 2021, schools, colleges, and universities across the UK are being invited to hold a unique non-uniform day in honour of the millions of people who have served in the NHS and emergency services. This is part of a campaign called #UniteTheUniforms for the @999Cenotaph.

The campaign will see students invited to wear the colours of the emergency services (red, blue, green or orange) and donating £1 towards building the UK’s first ‘Emergency Services Cenotaph’ which is supported by His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge, the Prime Minister and First Ministers of NI, Scotland and Wales.

Your students and pupils are the future of the NHS and emergency services.

We very much hope we can count on your support for this one-off campaign for a once in a lifetime monument to our NHS and 999 heroes.