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Thank you Mr Dudden

Very sadly, Mr. Dudden decided it was time to hang up his hammer, spanner, screwdriver, work tower, drill, paintbrush, mop, power tools, plumbing tools, leaf blower, crossing tabard…. and everything else that he supported us so well with! At the beginning of the week, we wished him farewell as he took on an extended role working full-time in primary schools locally.

Mr. Dudden has been a much loved and respected member of staff; he has touched all of us in his six years at the school — what he couldn’t fix or build isn’t worth mentioning, and his endless humour and jokes were commonplace! The comments from the children below are a tiny snapshot of how much he is held in high regard.

Wishing you and your family all the very best Mr. Dudden.

Thank you for supporting us so passionately.

Selection of quotes to Mr Dudden from our students 

“Thank you for helping us cross the road”.

“He is a good friend to us all”.

“Mr. Dudden moved the year 1 pegs”.

“He supported Willow Tree at wrap club”.

“He always does a funny dance when he walks past”.

“Mr.Dudden fixed our whiteboard screen”.

“You are a great lollypop man, and you've made us slides, the gym, track and activity trail”.

“We will miss you”.  

“Thank for all the work you did in forest school”

“Mr Dudden always said hello to my mum and I as we left school”.

“Thank you for making the school safe”.