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Future Job Day - 2022

It was an amazing day at school with the children dressing up in their future job outfits. It was lovely to see all the smiles and fun being had. To see some more picture please Click here

On last Friday of the half-term, the children in year took part in our annual future job day. We were very fortunate that  several parents and friends of the school gave up their time to come and talk to the children about their jobs. The children had a brilliant day and were thoroughly enthused by the conversations that they had. As a school, our job is to provide the skills, knowledge, confidence and growth mindset to help the children realise these dreams.  Everything is possible!



We really feel that there are many benefits from children being better informed about the wealth of job opportunities that are open to them in the future and that days such as this help them to put the purpose of their education into greater perspective. The school then had a parade where the rain stayed away long enough for all parents to see the children walk around in their special outfits.