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At Deanshanger Primary school we would like to keep you all informed about all  the breaking news here at our school. From school trips to what goes on everyday as your children are learning and experiencing so many different adventures.  

If you click into a news item, there should be a button that will link you into the gallery where we save special memories. 

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  • Christmas Jumper Swap

    Published 29/11/23

    If your child has grown out of any Christmas jumpers, you can drop them off at school and then come back in to select one the right size after school on Monday 4th December. This initiative is a way of reducing clothing waste and recycling. We are extending the original time shared to swap the jumpers, and now invite you to drop them off anytime up until Monday 4th December, when you can hopefully come in to select a jumper the right size.

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  • Curriculum information

    Published 29/11/23

    If you've looked at the school website recently, you might have seen the curriculum overview documents on the class pages. These documents provide an overview of the term's learning in each year group. You'll see how learning builds up across the year and the cross-curricular topics that are introduced. 

    If you have any questions about the curriculum, don't hesitate to make contact. 

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  • MacMillan Cake Winners

    Published 18/11/23

    At the MacMillan Coffee Morning on 29th September, there was the opportunity to win a cake made by Mrs Gordon, the head chef for our school and Fresh Start Catering. The Sutherland family were the lucky winners and, true to her word, this beautiful cake was made by Mrs Gordon to recognise Millie's birthday. 

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  • 'Tis the season for slippers!

    Published 03/11/23

    With the wetter and muddier definitely making a presence, we encourage all children in the school to slip off their shoes inside their classroom door and either put on slippers, or stay in their socks. As we have shared in assemblies, we wouldn't want to wear muddy shoes in our homes, so we'd like to protect the school carpets in the same way. Thank you very much. 

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  • Vending machine

    Published 03/11/23

    Does anyone have contact with a vending machine company? We would like to have one in school and stock it with books as an incentive for reading. Thank you for all and any possible contacts.

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  • Rags 2 Riches - huge thanks

    Published 03/11/23

    Thank you so much for bringing in bags and bags of unused clothes for our collection.  These clothes will support many other families and, in the process, the collection has helped us to raise £189.05! 

    Thank you, Mrs. Hodge, for organising this fundraising opportunity. 

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  • Dogs @ DPS

    Published 15/09/23

    There is no denying that we are definitely a community of  dog owners. Looking out at the beginning or the end of the day looks like the arena at Crufts!

    Whilst this is seen positively by many, some of our families are more cautious, and it is important that everyone feels comfortable and safe in the vicinity of the school. There have also been an increasing number of dog attacks in the news and locally.

    To support everyone's wellbeing, please help us by always making sure that -

    • your dog is on a short lead
    • that the dog is being held by an adult, not a child in the close vicinity of the school (where there are lots of other dogs)
    • that dogs do not come onto the school site.

    Thank you



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  • Good luck and thank you to our leaving staff

    Published 01/08/23


    From top left to right :

    Mrs. Emily Christophers has been at our school for a year and has been worked incredibly hard with her Year 4 class in this time Emily is always full of energy, smiles and enthusiasm and is an excellent teacher. She has supported her own class to have a great year and had a big impact on Miss Stanley’s Y4 class too.

    We wish Emily all the very best in her new teaching role.  Thank you very much


    After a staggering 21 years as Deputy Head, we say goodbye to Mrs. Sarah Webb as she starts her retirement. 

    It's hard to know where to begin when talking about such an inspirational person like Mrs. Webb! What she doesn't know about school life at DPS is not worth knowing. In her role, she has had a massive in all areas but particularly in Year 6, moderation, assessment English, reading and OPAL - outdoor play and learning.

    Sarah's passion for teaching and Deanshanger, means that she has worked tirelessly with very long hours, to give everything that is humanly possible! I have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside her and learning from her, as well as having a good fair share of laughs! Her infectious laughter can be heard as a great locational tool! I know that other staff and children feel the same.

    It might not have been very conventional to wear a turkey suit on the last day, but it had become synonymous with Sarah after a request from a student a few years ago! There has been lots of other dressing up since and this has always made a big impression.

    As a dedicated member of the PTA too, and supporting pretty much every school event for 21 years, the PTA came up with a very special and fitting gift. Knowing that Sarah wouldn't accept a gift for herself, they commissioned an outside reading throne and seats as a huge thank you to her, but for the school. You will see these on your return and I must say that the quality is stunning - they will be so well used. Huge thanks to the PTA and all the 'Men in Sheds', involved. 

    Wishing you all the very best in this next exciting step with your family, Sarah.  


    As if 21 years isn't impressive, Mrs. Julie Lee has been a dedicated LSA for 27!!! WOW 

    Mrs. Lee has supported counted staff and children in her time at DPS - she is extremely flexible, kind and always very calm. 

    Mrs. Lee has touched lots of our lives in a very positive way whether in class, in the staffroom, on a residential trip, or in the swimming pool. Not everyone enjoys swapping home comforts for residential, but Mrs. Lee positively loved them and was a guiding light for everyone!

    Thank you very much for your commitment, hard work, and dedication, Julie. Enjoy a very well-deserved retirement. 


    Mrs. Evie Bryan only joined Deanshanger at Easter, taking over Elmer class from Mrs Emma Neville. In a relatively short time, she made a very big impact with her strong Reception knowledge, positivity, smiles, and calmness.

    Wishing you all the very best in your new leadership role, Mrs Bryan and thank you for everything.


    Mr. Dan Peel has brought so much to school life in multiple ways in the last five years, but he does this very quietly whether this is driving a minibus, booking schools trips, leading swimming, administering first aid, greeting new families, supporting our community fridge, working hard with St. Mark’s Meals, coaching football, supporting Mr Taylor in sports events… we could go on and on.!

    We wish Dan all the very best in his new role - it's comforting that he's not going to be far away should we need to pull upon his many talents.

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  • St Marks Meal - Warehouse Tour - 17th May 2023

    Published 18/05/23

    Our excited school council visited St Marks Meals yesterday to help make up from meal boxes.  St Marks Meals provide meal kit boxes to schools all across Milton Keynes so that the school can give a box away to feed the whole family whenever they see there is a need.

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  • Quicksticks Hockey Competition

    Published 02/05/23

    On Wednesday, our Year 3 and 4 children took part in a quicksticks hockey competition against schools in our local cluster. Both teams showed amazing teamwork and communication. 


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  • SEND Strategy at West Northants

    Published 21/04/23




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  • Ofcom's annual media survey

    Published 21/04/23

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