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At Deanshanger Primary school we would like to keep you all informed about all  the breaking news here at our school. From school trips to what goes on everyday as your children are learning and experiencing so many different adventures.  

If you click into a news item, there should be a button that will link you into the gallery where we save special memories. 

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  • Phonics at DPS

    Published 13/01/22

    In our relentless drive to improve outcomes for all our children, we have chosen Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised as our systematic, synthetic phonics (SSP) programme to teach early reading and spelling in Reception, Year One, Two and beyond... 

    On Wednesday 5th January, our staff, from across the school, participated in a whole day of training about this approach towards teaching these important and vital early reading and spelling skills. Since then, we have worked hard to implement this programme and children are now engaging with lessons.

    We will be hosting a parents information session about this programme soon and also posting lots of resources on our school website. These resources will help you to support your child with learning in this area. There are also some very useful videos about how sounds are pronounced. Please visit this website to find out more:

    Some of you may have noticed that we have collected in all our reading books in Reception, Year One and Two to undertake a stock check. We would like to thank you for your help and support with this. If you have any more books, please can these be returned to school as soon as possible. Thank you.

    A parents' guide is attached below if you would like to find out more. 

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  • Boccia Tournament - 6th December 2021

    Published 09/12/21

    On Monday the 6th December, Olivia, William and Riley travelled to Roade (EWS North Campus) to compete in the Northamptonshire Sport - The Voice For Sport Boccia Tournament. Boccia is similar to bowls where the aim of the game is to get closer to the jack than your opponent. They all had 2 balls each, and we had 5 ends per match.

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  • Remembrance Day November 2021 -Assembly Poems

    Published 12/11/21

    We would like to show some poems read out beautifully in our remembrance day assembly. Thanks to all parents who logged into Zoom to join us to observe the 2 minutes silence and our fantastic children's lovely poems. 

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  • Students Unite for 999 Heroes

    Published 11/11/21

    On Friday 3rd December 2021, schools, colleges, and universities across the UK are being invited to hold a unique non-uniform day in honour of the millions of people who have served in the NHS and emergency services. This is part of a campaign called #UniteTheUniforms for the @999Cenotaph.

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  • Year 6 have an exciting visit!

    Published 29/10/21

    Year 6 had a fantastic visit today and were able to see firsthand a Willis Jeep and an ambulance that would have been used in the War. The ambulance was actually used in the film 'Dunkirk'.

    'It was amazing, the Jeep was made in 1942 and the ambulance in 1944' Ben P

    'I could barely get into the ambulance it was so tall!' Albert

    'It was good fun, I got to wear a helmet. I got to sit in the driver's seat in the Willis Jeep' Michelle

    It was really informative and interesting and gave our Year 6s a first-hand experience of what it was like inside the vehicles.


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  • Halloween Advice from Northamptonshire Police

    Published 22/10/21

    Halloween advice

    We want people to have fun, but we also want them to stay safe and respect those who may not want to join in the celebrations this Halloween.

    Here are some tips to help ensure your evening does not turn into a nightmare:

    • All children should be accompanied by an adult when trick-or-treating
    • Only go to the houses of people who you know, and who are happy for you to call round
    • Never be tempted to go inside someone's house
    • Do not call at houses that have 'no trick or treat' posters on show. There may be elderly or vulnerable people living at these addresses who do not feel comfortable speaking to strangers
    • Keep to well-lit areas and don't take shortcuts through gardens or alleyways
    • Wear bright clothing or reflective strips, and always carry a torch
    • If you’re driving be aware of the increased foot traffic, drive slowly and be vigilant

    Please remember Halloween is not an excuse for nuisance and intimidating behaviour. We are issuing a clear warning that anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and action will be taken against criminal activity.

    Report a concern 

    Halloween is one of our busiest night of the year in terms of call handling so the ease the pressure on our call handlers please:

    Please feel free to share via the usual social media channels.


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  • Computer Games

    Published 08/10/21

    We are very aware that we have shared information about the home use of computer games many times. In school, we see the impact of children acting out games that have ratings much higher than their age. Language choices and levels of aggression can make break and lunch times very difficult. There are, of course, a huge array of amazing games that can be a lot of fun and often support learning too.

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  • Saturday Holiday Athletics Course

    Published 05/07/21

    Rugby & Northampton AC are pleased to announce a new 3- week athletics course for young athletes in Northampton and surrounding areas. It runs in the summer holidays from Saturday 7th August until Saturday 21st August. 

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  • NMPAT Saturday Centres

    Published 28/06/21

    Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust is excited to be re-launching Saturday Centres in September 2021! 

    After a year of Virtual Centre, it is time to re-open our doors to our members from pre-lockdown, as well as whole new group of students!  We are delighted to be able to offer ALL students a FULLY FUNDED first term of activities (from September to Christmas) so there is nothing to stop you getting involved! 

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  • Funtopia -10th July, 7th August and 11th September

    Published 28/06/21

    Funtopia is returning to Northampton for 3 days this year: 10th July, 7th August and 11th September and, this year it’s bigger and better than ever as we combine our two biggest events – Funtopia with Foodstival!!!

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  • Thank you Mr Dudden

    Published 25/06/21

    Very sadly, Mr. Dudden decided it was time to hang up his hammer, spanner, screwdriver, work tower, drill, paintbrush, mop, power tools, plumbing tools, leaf blower, crossing tabard…. and everything else that he supported us so well with! At the beginning of the week, we wished him farewell as he took on an extended role working full-time in primary schools locally.

    Mr. Dudden has been a much loved and respected member of staff; he has touched all of us in his six years at the school — what he couldn’t fix or build isn’t worth mentioning, and his endless humour and jokes were commonplace! The comments from the children below are a tiny snapshot of how much he is held in high regard.

    Wishing you and your family all the very best Mr. Dudden.

    Thank you for supporting us so passionately.

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  • Science at DPS

    Published 28/05/21

    We have recently held a ‘Science Elevation Group’. This meeting looked at what the children thought of their learning in Science. 

     At Deanshanger Primary School, the children have access to a wide and broad science curriculum through their year group IPC (International Primary Curriculum) units, various whole school learning events (assemblies and celebration events) and displays. Throughout the school, we have science displays in each classroom, a brand new outdoor area ‘The Science Lab’ and a plethora of resources specifically for scientific investigations housed in this area's storage unit. 

     During the Science Elevation Group, we looked at each year group one at a time, starting with Year One (an EYFS observation was undertaken separately to gain information from those children). Initially, the children shared what they thought science learning was. The children then shared 'science' work in their books, identifying pieces of work that demonstrated their learning in science lessons. It was a rich and valuable experience to see all the wonderful learning that takes place throughout the school through IPC units, such as, Flowers and Insects, Chocolate, How Humans Work and Space Explorers. 

    For the next part of the meeting, we asked the children some knowledge-based questions from National Curriculum statements to ensure the children had secure knowledge of each aspect of science for their year group. The children were asked questions relating to animals including humans, plants, materials, seasonal changes, living things and their habitats, rocks, light, forces, states of matter, sound, electricity and evolution and inheritance. We were all so impressed by the knowledge of the children who were all able to share their learning with the rest of the group. This demonstrated that the children had very good understanding of scientific concepts and were able to recall the learning that had taken place during their IPC units.  

    For the final part of the meeting, we had the children look at some objects which could be used during scientific investigations. This helped us to ascertain what skills the children had gained through working scientifically, which is the second main strand of the science national curriculum. The children were asked to identify; a magnifying glass, a thermometer, a stethoscope, a mirror, a beaker of water, a pipette, a table, a graph, a bug pot and a wire as well as explain what they may be used for. As we moved through the year groups we could see a clear progression in the types of enquiry the children were undertaking as each year group identified more objects, and their uses, than the last. There were many strengths such as understanding and working scientifically. As always, there are things that we need to work on a little more. In this instance, ensuring that children are aware of the correct terminology and increased awareness of how to record their findings when working scientifically. 

    As always, please support your child/children with their science learning at home. This could be through reading magazines, TV programmes, visiting local or national places of interest/museums such as The National Space Centre or The Natural History Museum as well as discussing IPC work that the children are learning at school. 

     Please see below for the science section of the primary National Curriculum: 

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