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Year 3

Year 3 team 

Class teachers - Mrs Amanda Davis and Mrs Phillipa Doyle in Tokyo class and Mrs Kim Ritchie in Cairo class

LSAs  - Mrs Val Wright, Mrs Lindsey Graves and Mrs Julie Lee

September 2019 Welcome letter

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back to the new school year and welcome to Year 3.

We would like to take the opportunity now to share some our Year 3 routines with you. We appreciate this is a lot of information in one go, so please feel free to ask any member of the Year 3 team if you or your child are unsure.

Reading Diaries

Reading diaries are one of the most important tools your child has. It is the main way we communicate between home and school now the children are in KS2. It is expected that they will have their reading diary with them, on their desk, at school every day. We use it for sending spellings home, recording homework, recording reading, accelerated reading test scores, the list is endless…

In addition to this, we will collect the reading diaries every Monday to check and sign. The diary will need signing by an adult at home before it is handed in on a Monday.


English and Maths homework will be set on a Thursday, usually with a hand in date of Tuesday the following week. It is expected that all children will complete their homework. If there are problems achieving this then please let us know.


The children will receive 5 new spellings every Friday until they have 20 in total across 4 weeks. After this, week 1s spellings will be replaced by week 5s spellings. Therefore the children need to keep practising all 20 of their spellings, but only receive 5 new ones every week. Some children may have less but we will let you know if this is the case.

Reading books/Accelerated Reading/Library books:

In Year 3 all children take part in our school Accelerated Reading scheme. These books have a coloured spot on them and each child is assigned a coloured spot based on their ‘Star Reading’ test that they will do during the first week back. Every time your child finishes a book, they need to complete an Accelerated Reading quiz at school. In the morning, children are to write their name onto the board to let us know they need to do a quiz. Once they have done this quiz, they get a score which we report in the reading diary so you know how they did. Your child will then put their book back and choose a new book to take home to read. Your child can only do one quiz a day.

Within each colour spot, there is a huge range of reading books and a wide range of reading difficulty. We will move your child on as and when we feel they are ready for the next challenge. However, the movement is not as fast as you may have been used to before, as within each level/coloured spot the variety of challenge is wider and requires a greater depth of reading.

As well as this Accelerated Reading book your child will also bring a library book home. Our library slot is on a Thursday for both classes. This library book can be any book the child chooses to share at home with you.

Reading morning:

Reading morning will continue on a Tuesday morning. Please come in and read with your child in their class if you can.  When the whistle goes, your class teacher will ask you to leave so lessons can begin.

Indoor and Outdoor PE:

Please keep indoor and outdoor PE kits at school throughout the term. We will send them home before each holiday for cleaning. Please ensure that your child has their hair tied up and earnings removed for PE and Games days. These are Monday and Tuesday for Tokyo (Mrs Davis’) class, and Tuesday and Wednesday for Cairo (Mrs Ritchie’s) class. If your child has newly pierced ears then please provide some medical tape for your child to cover them. We are not allowed to remove earrings or help to tape them.

Forest School:

Both classes will continue to visit our Forest School. These will continue on a two-week alternate basis on Thursdays. Please send your children in with their wellingtons and waterproof top and trousers to keep in their locker/welly store. We will send it home at the end of each term, unless it needs washing before.


For the first full term our topics will be ‘Chocolate’ and then ‘Scavengers and Settlers’. As part of our topic on ‘Chocolate’, we will be conducting a ‘senses laboratory’ (week beginning 9/9/19) where children will be able to taste a variety of chocolate. If there are any known allergies or any reason why your child cannot participate, please let your class teacher know as soon as possible.

Please engage your child in discussion with these topics as and when is appropriate.

Please ask if there is anything that you are not sure about.

Mrs Davis, Mrs Ritchie and the Year 3 team.