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Home Learning

As a parent or carer you can play a vital role in your child’s education, including homework/home learning.

Weekly tasks can be open-ended and creative, ‘talk time’ home learning and occasionally ‘practice makes perfect’ type homework. Information will be shared by the class teacher and expectations clearly set out.

As well as the weekly home learning task, your child is expected to learn spellings from a weekly list. Learning the spellings for just a short time each day is more effective than leaving it all to the last minute.

Reading on a daily basis is also expected.  Reading aloud with an adult is important throughout the primary years. Even if your child is a fluent reader, having a discussion about the story (for example, the characters’ personalities and actions, the ‘wow words’ used by the author) is a valuable way to develop reading skills. Please always record the reading in the Home/School diary.

For children in Year 3 to Year 6, practising times tables is also extremely important: by the end of Year 4, children should have a rapid recall of times tables facts and also be able to say the division facts too e.g. 7×8=56 and therefore also 56÷7=8. ‘Rapid recall’ should be within around five seconds – they should not have to count through the tables facts to get there.

If you have any questions about home learning, or indeed any aspect of school life, come in and ask us or send an email.

Our 2018 Home School learning Policy is attached below for your information.