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Year 1

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to term 6! We hope you’ve all had a fantastic Half term.


During the term, children will be learning through the theme ‘How does your garden grow’. This will involve children learning about a variety of flowers and plants and how they grow. It would be lovely if children could continue their learning at home by growing their own plants and identifying different types of trees.  

In English this term children will be growing beans in science and completing their own diary to show the changes that happen each week. These will be planted in our school allotment area at the end of the term. Children will also learn about non-fiction texts and their features, using texts based on plants and flowers. It would be beneficial for the children if this could be reinforced at home by discussing how non-fiction texts are read and their features such as; contents page, headings, labelled diagrams, captions and index.  Linking to Geography and Computing, children will use non-fiction texts and the internet to research unfamiliar plants from around the world. They will use this research to create their own non-fiction page. Children will be looking at a variety of poems based on plants and flowers and use them as a stimulus to write their own poems. In grammar we will be recapping question and exclamation marks, alphabetical order, adding s, es, er, est to the end of words where the root doesn’t change and capital letters and full stops. We will learn about syllables and also compound words e.g. foot+ball = football.

This term we will continue to send spellings home which will be tested every Friday. We strongly recommend that children read at least 4 times a week at home and children that achieve this will be rewarded with a Power Point when reading diaries are checked on a Monday. The national year 1 phonic test is fast approaching so please continue to practise the sounds as much as possible with your children.

In Maths, children will experience a variety of topics. These include finding 1 more/less and 10 more/less than a number, understanding the value of digits in a number, addition, subtraction, adding 3 numbers by spotting pairs of 10 and doubles, weight, capacity, halving numbers, recapping fractions of shapes, recognise, name and know the value of all coins and £5 and £10 notes, addition problems involving money and making equivalent amounts using coins. We will continue to practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and number bonds of 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 during our maths warm up activities.

We will continue to set Abacus and Purple Mash Homework for the duration of the term. 

In Science, children will be learning about plants and trees. Areas that will be covered are; labelling parts of plants and trees, identifying and naming wild and common plants and trees including deciduous and evergreen, sorting and classifying seeds and flowers. They will also investigate what plants need to grow.

In Computing, children will be learning how to make a Greeting Card using Microsoft Publisher.

In RE this term children will be learning about the Jewish Religion.  We will be looking closely at family life and some of their special celebrations.

In Art, children will be creating many wonderful pieces using different processes. Children will have the opportunity to study famous artists such as Sunflowers by Van Gogh and Water Lilies by Monet. They will use these paintings as a stimuli to create their own pieces of work.

During PE this term children will be doing ‘Real PE games’.  We will continue to go outdoors, hopefully the weather will start to improve. However, please ensure that your child still has a warm tracksuit and suitable footwear. Last term we spent a considerable amount of our PE sessions trying to reunite PE kit with their owners. To allow children to have their maximum PE time, please ensure that all PE kit is named. 

In Music this term children will exploring sounds using our scheme Music Express. They will use body percussion and a variety of instruments to accompany simple songs.  

This term we are continuing with our PSHCE scheme called ‘Zippy’s Friends’. This term the topic is ‘Beat the Bullies’. The sessions will cover how to recognise good solutions, bullying, solving problems and helping other resolve conflicts.      

Thank you in advance for your help and support.

Yours sincerely,

The Year 1 Team

Miss Nico Brooks    Mr Gwion Russell