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The School Day and Assemblies

Beginning of the day 

School days are busy from the time school starts at 8.50am. Children in FS enter through the labelled wooden gate to the right of the main gate and Yr1 via the door under the main entrance archway. For safeguarding reasons, we do not use the main school gates in the morning. At 3.15pm, parents in FS, Year 1 and 2 collect their children from the doors leading out onto the courtyard.

The majority of Year 2 and KS2 children enter each morning from the side gate, further along The Green by the willow tree. The gate opens and supervision begins at 8.40am. The head teacher meets and greets each morning and is available for a quick informal exchange of information at this time. The whistle is blown at 8.50am to signify line up time and the start of the school day.

Morning break

All children have a 15 minute morning break whilst FS and KS1 have an additional 10-minute mid afternoon break.  FS, Year 1 and 2 children are given free healthy snacks at break time; KS2 children should either bring their own or sign up (for a small charge of 15p) for a healthy snack from the SNAG hut.  Fresh Start kindly prepare free healthy treats for  all KS2 children on Wednesdays. 


We have a staggered lunch time with foundation stage children going to the lunch hall first and settling before year 1 and 2 arrive; KS2 children start lunch at 12.20pm. Whether taking the hot school lunch or bringing a packed lunch from home, the children sit together at the tables. They are encouraged to be independent and carry their own lunch trays and clear them after eating.

Our midday supervising team gently encourage the children to eat as much of their meal as possible be it their own packed lunch or hot meal provided by our expert Fresh Start team. Every effort is made to ensure that children with various dietary needs are accommodated.

We recognise that having a nutritious lunchtime meal is essential to our children's well-being. Governors regularly come into school to have lunch and monitor our lunchtime atmosphere and arrangements.

Top Table Lunch

Children that display school values, try new foods and display good table manners might be invited to join one of our Top Table lunches. When we have 20 names on the list, we have a special lunch with flowers, table cloths, squash and waitress/waiter service! Staff and a member of the governing body, join us for this special lunch.

End of the School Day

Regular school finishes at 3.15pm.  Children in KS2 exit via the side gate by the willow tree. Parents collect FS and KS1 children from the courtyard. 


There are several opportunities for children to join clubs before, during and after school. Full details and timings can be shared from the school office and via the class teachers.



Assemblies provide a valuable opportunity for our school community to come together to share, reflect, worship and celebrate. The assemblies are led by school staff and outside visitors in the community. 
Themes for assemblies are planned at the beginning of the school year to ensure a breadth of topics recognising world events and beliefs, British culture and important school values. Themes are printed on the school’s calendar.

Assembly plan

Mondays – in class, Tuesday – whole school, Wednesday – whole school (singing), Thursday – whole school
Friday – celebration assemblies at 2.40pm *parents are invited to the class led ones

Celebration Assembly 

Friday celebration assemblies are particularly exciting as a class at a time plan a presentation for the rest of the school and their parents.  This is a relatively low key presentation sharing and celebrating the current learning from class.  The pupils are fully involved in the planning of their celebration assembly. We also celebrate house points, Masters awards in maths and other certificates/ special moments from outside school.