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Governor Corner


Governor Corner 2018-2019

Governor Corner 2017-2018

Welcome to Governor Corner - a regular snapshot of our activities and support for school life

Our next Curriculum/ Performance committee meeting is on 9th July, Personnel on 4th June and Finance/Premises Committee meeting on 2nd July 2018. There will be a governor's learning walk in school on May 1st.


Governor Corner 1 - 15th September 2017

The FGB (Full Governing Body) met for the first time in this school year on 11/9/2017

A few key bits of information for you from the meeting:

- Election of Officers for 2017-2018: Chair – Sue Forman, Vice-Chair – Stephanie Hibberd

- From September, approved Minutes of FGB meetings will be made available on our website

- Governors are working with HT/SLT to prepare 2 key documents which will provide the focus for the year: the SIP (School Improvement Plan) and the first Governor Action Plan (GAP) which will be finalised early October and will be made available on the website

If you have a question or would like to find out more about being a Governor? Email with your contact details and a member of the GB will be in touch with you.

The GB wish the whole DPS School Community an exciting and successful year of learning.

Governor Corner 2 - 30th September 2017

A positive fortnight for Governors, we have been actively involved in:

· Meeting with SLT (Senior Leadership Team) to discuss the SIP (school improvement plan) which will be finalised in October

· Continuing to work on the GAP (Governor Action Plan) for inclusion in the SIP · Fundraising Sub Committee (Kitchen) – first meeting, setting the goals!

 · HT Appraisal with Performance Management Governor Panel and External Expert

· Meeting of Sub Committee and External Governance Consultant - focus on Governor Succession Planning

· Governors in School - In addition to above meetings: FS Parent Information meeting for Read Write Inc. and the Opening of the new KS1 Playground area (great fundraising from PTA and other sources – thank you!)

We will be recruiting for a new Parent Governor and potentially Associate Members with specific skills in the near future - If you would be interested in finding out more about becoming part of a proactive team of Governors, supporting the exciting plans for learning and beyond at DPS, it would be great to hear from you:

Governor Corner 3 - 13th October 2017

Governors are focussing on a number of areas, including ….                                                                                        -- Ongoing Parent Governor and Associate Member Recruitment – thank you to all who have responded! By the time you receive this newsletter an informal meeting time will have been confirmed or we are in the process of confirming.                                                                                                                                                                                                Lead Subject Governors/Staff meetings will be taking place before half term. Why? It will offer an opportunity for Governors/Staff to verbally talk through plans for each of the subjects and how they envisage working together this year. A written action plan will be developed after half term and a Governor Learning Walk will take place in late November.                                                                                                                                                                The next Parent Action Group (PAG) meetings will be taking place on the 15th November – there will be an opportunity for you to feedback to Governors the information you would like to receive from them and suggestions on how you would like to be able to interact with them. We look forward to seeing you there.

Governor Corner 4 - 5th November 2017

As we enter into the first week back one of our priorities is trying to make ourselves more visible at events through the school year such as the curriculum meetings held last week, parents evenings coming up next week plus the PAGs (Parent Action Groups) on 15th November. Governors will be wearing their orange lanyards so please feel free to either have a chat or raise any questions/concerns you may have. Preparations for the Parent Governor election are underway and nominations will be coming through via Parentmail in the next few days. Shortly Governors will be preparing for the Curriculum/ Performance and Property/Finance subcommittees which are to be held mid-November.

Governor Corner 5 - 17th November 2017

It has been great seeing you and hearing feedback on issues from a number of parents during various events including the Parents Evenings and the Parent Action Group Meetings (PAG). Thank you for taking the time to come and share your ideas and help us develop the way in which we communicate with you now and in the future.

This week we have held 2 Governor Committee Meetings:

· Curriculum/Performance: Sue Forman was elected Chair and Andy Limberts Vice Chair for the current academic year. The main focus of the meeting was to review the latest school data with presentations from Staff KS leaders for Upper KS2 & EYFS to develop understanding by Governors and giving opportunities to challenge as appropriate.

· Finance/Premises: Michelle Fernandez was elected as Chair and Liz Wynder as Vice Chair for this current academic year. Agenda discussion included: School Business Manager’s Report, Report from the Kitchen Development Project, Update on Wrap Club facilities.

Other activities: Parent Governor Election – process to be completed this Friday - apologies for the ‘glitches’ in the system during this process which now seems to be functioning correctly, New Governor Induction Training – the 1st session of 3 took place on Wednesday evening, hosted by DPS with attendees from other Northants schools.

DPS Governors

Governor Corner 6 - 1st December 2017

The day of the Christmas Fete - high levels of activity and excitement in school wherever you look and a time of celebration for the whole School Community.  School life, of course, continues as usual and this is reflected in the rest of this newsletter. 

There are many threads of activity being followed up by Governors but the main focus for non-staff Governors since the last newsletter has been a Learning Walk (LW) – one of the highlights of the year for us.

What happens during a LW?  A LW takes place twice a year and over a whole morning (usually 08.30-12.30) in school. Governors are given the opportunity to work closely with Mrs. Rice and the SLT (Senior Leadership Team) to organize a program of visits/observations into classrooms and talking to the children about their work.  This supports a greater understanding between SLT and Governors and the areas within the SIP (School Improvement Plan) enabling us to observe, discuss, monitor and challenge as appropriate at an executive and not an operational level which is an important part of our role.

How do you know someone is a Governor at an event like the Christmas Fete?  When in school we wear an orange Governor lanyard with our name visible which should identify us for you.

Governor Corner 7 - 15th December 2017

Congratulations to everyone who has been involved in fundraising over the last couple of weeks: Christmas Bazaar (thank you PTA for organising and the whole school community for supporting) and Sausage Sizzle event at Bunnings (thank you to our SBM for organising and Parents, Staff, Governors for sizzling and selling!) – great fundraising outcomes for both.

A FGB (Full Governing Body) meeting took place on the 4/12/2017 with all governors participating – the 2nd FGB out of 4 scheduled for this year.  It was a sad farewell and a big ‘thank you’ to Julie Fletcher who has been a parent governor for nearly 4 years, her support and contribution to the Governing Body has been fantastic.  We wish her and her family a happy and successful life in Norfolk.

Following the Parent Election in November, Nic Masters officially became a part of the Governing Body taking on various governor responsibilities – welcome to Nic who is bringing a wealth of experience and skills to the governing body.

You will find full details of all Governors’ roles and committee membership on the Governor section of the School Website. 

As we approach the end of the term, Deanshanger Governors would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2018 and thank everyone working in school for all their support and hard work since September.

Governor Corner 8 - 12th January 2018

DPS needs a new kitchen soon...... We need your support NOW!


Whilst our School and Governors continue to work in partnership on all aspects of statutory responsibilities, including an essential focus on progress and attainment for every child, we also aspire to consider the holistic approach for our children.  This importantly prioritises healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.


School/PTA/Governors will be working in partnership to fundraise and seek out sponsorship and grants wherever we can find them to finance a new and much needed kitchen facility.

Governor Corner 5th January 2018  

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A few facts you should know -


· The number of children at DPS eating school lunches has increased significantly to 225 pupils in the last 12 months since Fresh Start began at DPS.  (Thank you to Fresh Start and all the families who support the facility).

· DPS and Fresh Start aspire to continue to increase the proportion of children enjoying freshly prepared lunches each day offered at a competitive price

· The kitchen is inadequate for the catering challenges we aspire to for today and the future for our school and

          community – we urgently need to upgrade the facilities.

· Plans for the kitchen are starting to be progressed and if we have funding we aim is to have the project underway by

          Easter 2018

· Estimated costs to upgrade the kitchen are currently approx. £55-60k

· There will be no funding support from the Local Authority

· A healthy lunch is considered an essential part of encouraging a healthy lifestyle and, as research shows, will help our

          children to reach their potential in school


You probably know people either within the community or perhaps at work who are able to access grants/sponsorship for community projects.  We need to know who they are!


If you can help with a name(s) for us to contact please send the detail through either to our HT Rachel Rice ( or to The Chair of Governors Sue Forman (  School/PTA/Governors will be working together to fundraise for this project.

Please do not close this newsletter thinking that you will let us know next week - send any contact  i

Governor Corner 9  

Governor activity:

Chair of Governors (CofG) attended the PTA committee meeting;

Governor involved in the regular BNTO meeting;

A Meeting of Chairs of Governors for the Cluster Group of Schools who we work with was scheduled to place to help promote communication and support between Governing Bodies. This has been postponed;

Kitchen Fundraising Sub Committee Meeting –  progressing ideas for the Big Project!


Clerk to Governors – we are recruiting so if you know someone who might be interested in a part-time role, term time only, please ask them to take a look at the School website ‘Join us’ section for full details – thank you.

Governor Corner 11 - 28th January 2018

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28/2/2018 Newsletter 11 Governor Corner extract

Governor activity:

  • Chair of Governors (CofG) attended the PTA committee meeting
  • Governor involved in the regular BNTO meeting
  •  A Meeting of Chairs of Governors for the Cluster Group of Schools who we work with was scheduled to place to help promote communication and support between Governing Bodies. This has been postponed until 26/3/2018
  •  Kitchen Fundraising Sub Committee Meeting – progressing ideas for the Big Project!
  • Clerk to Governors – we are recruiting so if you know someone who might be interested in a part time role, term time only, please ask them to take a look at the School website ‘Join us



GOVERNOR CORNER 12 - 9th February 2018 

A summary of Governor activity over the last 2 weeks:

• Lead Governors for English met with the Subject Lead to review focus areas of the School Improvement Plan and and agree action as appropriate

• Y6 parents evening attended by Governor

• BNTO meeting attended by Governor

• CofG/Vice CofG regular (fortnightly) catch up meeting with HT

• Working with School, the Kitchen fundraising Sub Committee have prepared a flyer and Video which are now ready for distribution and use to promote the

fundraising for the Kitchen Project. You will probably have received a copy of the flyer

through your door  - a huge thank you to the Deanshanger Scouts for organising the distribution in Deanshanger and Wicken.

Please visit the Crowdfunding site (link in this newsletter), tell your friends.  Let us know if you have any contacts in business or other organisations which may be able to help with match funding or sponsorship.  Thank you


Deanshanger Governors


Governor Corner 14 - 10th March 2018

Since the last update Governors have

  • Met many of you at the 2 Parent/Carer meetings - thank you for

providing feedback to us to help school improvement

  • Met with SLT to discuss progress on the School Improvement Plan

and discussed improvement with subject leaders in maths, English and SEND

  • Supported the school’s fundraising plans for the new kitchen
  • Recruited a new clerk to governors – a warm welcome to Hannah Ward.

Governors are in and around school on a regular basis (in addition to activities given above) and available to talk but, as always, please make contact if you have any questions or concerns.

Sue Forman, Chair of Governors


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Governor Corner 15 23rd March 2018

Governor Activity has included:

  • Committee Meetings:
    • Curriculum & Performance – Invited Experts (KS Lead Teaching Staff) joined Governors to discuss the February Data Collection, ask questions and challenge how any issues are being addressed/interventions being introduced, reviewed/evaluated, etc.  A very positive meeting with the Staff providing insight for Governors to understand and support as needed.
    • Resources (Finance & Premises) – a range of agenda items, including the update on the budget for 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 being provided by the School Business Manager
    • Kitchen Fundraising Subcommittee – update meeting


  • Governor Training:
    • In House Briefing on Finance


  • Other Activity:
    • Parent/Governor attendance at the Mother’s Day Tea Party on 12/3
    • The Chair of Governors (CofG) will be attending the School Council Meeting on 23/3
    • CofG catch up meetings with HT on 14/3, 21/3 with reports back to the Governing Body


If you are unable to see a Governor around school or at events but you have a question or query – please contact us at 


Thank you

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Governor Corner 16 26th April 2018

Term 5 seems to have started with a ‘roar’ in school, the first week for Governors while school settled down at the start of term was quieter for us but into the second week the level of activity has been building

  • Ongoing Governor Training: Preparation for Ofsted took place on 23/4/18
  • Governor Skills Audit: Governors met and reviewed the skills audit which will be updated by in preparation for planning 2018-2019 academic year
  • HT Catch up meetings took place with CofG, Vice Chair of Governors 18/4 and 25/4/208.   The agenda covered a wide range of issues including Personnel, Safeguarding, Budget, review of data, LA Visit at the end of Term 4, etc. Notes of these meetings are shared with all governors and questions invited.
  • Fundraising: activity continues surrounding ongoing grant applications, etc.
  • GDPR – GB appointed a Governor as the Lead for GDPR: Trevor Gregory (staff governor).  Preparation for GDPR is ongoing.
  • A replacement Consultant for the HT PM process has been appointed to and will be fully briefed for the start of the new review cycle in the Autumn. 

We wish DPS a successful Summer Term!

Deanshanger Governors

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